The Benefits of a Natural Dog Food Diet

Many dog owners consider their pets as part of their family and strive to provide them with the best possible care, yet many are unaware how essential a balanced diet consisting of natural dog food is for their pet’s health and longevity.

Similar to humans, a pet’s health is also reflective of its diet, and a dog’s dietary needs will change over the course of its life. To make sure that you have a healthy pet, you should select its food and treats after considering factors such as your dog’s age or stage in life, weight and general health. Look for natural, holistic dog food and cat food formulated with organic, wholesome and nutritious ingredients to provide a balanced diet.

Normally, an average adult dog requires a diet that has ample amounts of good quality animal protein for muscle repair and maintenance, fiber to aid the digestive system, vitamin rich oils sourced from fish for a healthy skin and coat, minerals and vitamins for immune health, and some grains for energy.

Cats on the other hand, have entirely different nutritional needs as they are complete carnivores and require a lot more animal protein than dogs. Cats also need fats for energy and vitamin absorption, and water to ward against dehydration, but do not require the abundant amounts of carbohydrates that are usually found in commercial, mass-produced pet food.

Dog treats are largely used as food rewards during training, or as a special indulgence, and should not be given too often or as a replacement for meals. While some Treats and Bones are useful for dental health, the nutritional components of dog treats and cat treats should also be considered. Keep in mind that treats can easily reinforce the behavior preceding the treat and should be handed out with care, so as to encourage only appropriate behavior.

Dog supplements are typically only necessary if your dog has a deficiency, or in certain circumstances such as pregnancy, lactation, illness, allergy, arthritis, etc. To avoid supplementation toxicity, it is critical that you obtain the advice of your veterinarian regarding supplements, and only purchase dog supplements that are formulated specifically for dog’s needs — again, rather opt for organic natural supplements for optimal health.

You can find a wide selection of well-balanced, nutritionally complete natural dog food and gourmet dog treats made from wholesome natural and organic ingredients at reasonable prices online. A healthy pet is a happy and comfortable pet, so feed your pet all natural, organic and wholesome pet food to ensure that it enjoys a happy, healthy and comfortable life for a very long time.

Image by Stubborn Like a Mule, via Flickr (some rights reserved)

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