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  • Common Dog Skin Problems

    Scratching is a sign of dog skin problems

    Dog skin problems can be caused by a number of factors, ranging from allergies, parasites, or dietary insufficiencies. Skin allergies in dogs can be painful and can cause the dog much discomfort and distress.

  • Safe Bird Toys: Things to Consider When Making Homemade Bird Toys

    Safe Bird Toys: how to make safe homemade bird toys

    There is a huge variety of bird toys on the market to choose from, and some creative parrot owners may even want to try making their own homemade bird toys to save costs. However, not all materials are safe for birds. To ensure your pet is only given safe bird toys to play with, consider these tips.

  • Sun Conure Bird Rooms

    Sun conure bird rooms

    The Sun Conure is one of the most popular pet birds around. Their energy, intelligence, and beauty make them a great addition to the family. The following 3 supplies are essential for making your home a healthy and happy environment for them.

  • How to Choose the Correct Horse Riding Equipment

    Choosing horse riding equipment can be confusing

    There is a wide range of horse riding equipment to cater for every discipline of horsemanship, from dressage, show jumping or eventing, to endurance riding and hacking. Your choice of equipment will most likely depend on the type of riding you intend doing, and whether you will be riding English or Western style.