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    Welcome Home: 10 Ways To Create A More Pet-Friendly Home

    Create a Pet-friendly home when introducing new pets

    Just like when a baby is on its way, planning on getting a pet will also take some sacrifices. One of those, and perhaps the most important of all, is making sure our home is pet-friendly. But how? Well, you may have to get rid of a few things and choose convenience over aesthetics. There are also certain adjustments you may have to go through in terms of floor plans, furniture arrangements, etc. Curious? Here are 10 suggestions on how you can make your home pet-friendly.

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  • Choosing a Puppy – Tips for Choosing Your Best Friend

    Choosing a puppy: Small or Large Breed?

    When choosing a puppy, proper thought should be given to its suitability to your household in order to prevent untold heartache for both you and your dog in the long run. Firstly, the family needs to consider whether they are prepared to make the sacrifices needed to accommodate the new family member.

  • Dog Ownership Benefits Children with Autism

    Pet ownership benefits children with autism

    Many families face the decision of whether to get a dog. For families of children with autism, the decision can be even more challenging. Now, a University of Missouri researcher has studied dog ownership decisions in families of children with autism and found, regardless of whether they owned dogs, the parents reported the benefits of dog ownership included companionship, stress relief and opportunities for their children to learn responsibility.