Tips on Caring For an English Bulldog Puppy

English bulldog puppyThe bulldog ranked as the 5th most popular dog breed in the United States in 2012 and 2013, and for many good reasons. Their massive, short-faced head and equally massive body are a stark contrast to their very gentle dispositions. They are also very resolute, calm, and dignified dogs. Their medium and compact size, combined with their large, projected jaws, make them appear powerful and strong. Aside from their wide and flat face, the extra layers of skin on their skull, forehead, and around the mouth are also distinguishing characteristics of bulldogs. They have a short coat, which comes in different shades: white, fawn, red, red brindle, pale yellow, piebald, or a combination of any of these, and they have naturally short and curled tails.

Bulldogs make good companion dogs, and as they are known to be excellent with children, forming strong bonds with them, they make excellent family dogs. A bulldog enjoys spending time with its owner and being a part of their daily activities. While a bulldog is not a very demanding breed attention-wise, it should still not be left alone for long periods of time, as it may get restless and become destructive. A bulldog will be content just sitting or sleeping at your feet, as long as it has your company. If you have a busy lifestyle and can’t be around your dog often, a bulldog is not the right breed for you.

Bulldogs have a unique intelligence – a bulldog does not simply strive to please its owner by immediately and eagerly obeying their every command. Instead, a bulldog actually seems to take some time to consider its owner’s command before deciding if it will obey or not. This seeming lack of obedience is often mistaken for a lack of intelligence by many people. However, a bulldog, is actually a very responsible dog with a lot of common sense. You could say that this breed has the tendency to think for itself rather than just blindly following orders. This trait is unique to bulldogs, and is what makes it appealing to some more knowledgeable dog owners.

Bulldogs are not yappers, and really only bark when necessary; but on the other hand, because of their flat noses, they tend to snore loudly when they sleep. Make sure that this sort of noise is something you can tolerate before you decide to look for English bulldog puppies for sale!

Your Puppy’s First Few Days In Its New Home

Just like any puppy, a bulldog puppy may be a little confused initially, and even scared of its new surroundings when introduced to its new home. Being separated from its mother will also make the first few days a difficult experience for the puppy. Your puppy will be missing the company of its mother and siblings, and for this reason, will need the comfort of your company; make sure you can provide your puppy with the time and attention it needs during the first few days after you take it home, to help him adjust and settle in. The following 5 tips will help your puppy adjust to his new home:

  1. Dog Bed/Crate

When you first take your puppy home, let it sniff around and familiarize itself with its new surroundings before you put it in its bed. Have a comfortable bed, or a crate with a blanket ready for your bulldog puppy; place an old blanket inside the crate so it will have something soft and warm to snuggle up against, to make it feel comfortable and secure right away. Place the bed or crate somewhere quiet so your puppy can sleep undisturbed; it is also advisable to put your puppy’s bed inside a temporarily partitioned area to give it an added sense of security initially. During the first few nights it may help your puppy sleep if you place a hot water-bottle and a ticking clock, securely wrapped in a blanket, in its bed.

  1. Toys

Give your puppy chew toys to prevent it from chewing furniture and other household items; choose non-toxic toys that are large enough so your puppy won’t accidentally swallow them. Kongs are extremely robust, and make great chew toys for bulldogs.

  1. Collar & Lead

It is also best to get your puppy a soft, well-fitting collar, with an identity tag, as well as a training collar and lead, that you can use during the first few days when you take it out for a walk, and when you start socializing your puppy at the dog park.

  1. Diet

It is very important that you follow the puppy’s recommended diet provided by your breeder. Maintain this diet for a few days and then gradually switch to the food that you want to give it. Make sure your puppy’s diet contains all the nutrients it needs, in the correct proportions and amounts. Most commercial pet foods are nutritionally balanced to ensure your puppy gets the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and development, and to maintain optimal overall health. Don’t give your puppy uncooked or spoiled food, and avoid feeding your puppy bones, as they can splinter and pose a danger to your pup. Always have fresh water available.

  1. Exercise

The English bulldog, like any other dog breed, requires regular exercise, however, they are not overly energetic and aren’t physically built for strenuous exercise. If you engage in a lot of physical activities outdoors and prefer having your dog with you, a bulldog may not be the ideal breed for you. Alternatively, you can just leave your pet at home and take it out for a short walk every day. A bulldog is actually happy just staying inside, and it is never a good idea to leave a bulldog alone outside for long periods, as they are prone to overheating due to their short flat noses. However, a bulldog does still require some time outdoors, as like any other dog, it will engage in destructive behavior if it is cooped up indoors for longer than 10 hours at a time. As they should also be socialized with other dogs, a walk to the local dog park will provide both physical and mental stimulation.

Once you have decided that your lifestyle will allow you to properly care for a bulldog puppy, and that you’re ready to give it the special care and attention that this particular breed needs, then you can go ahead and look for a reputable bulldog breeder that has puppies available.

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