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    Sun Conure Bird Rooms

     Sun conure bird roomsSun Conure Bird Rooms – Top 3 Supplies To Have

    By Debbie Davis

    The Sun Conure is one of the most popular pet birds around. Their energy, intelligence, and beauty make them a great addition to the family. The following 3 supplies are essential for making your home a healthy and happy environment for them.

    A Steel Cage – The right cage can make a huge difference in how happy, safe, and engaged your bird is day in and day out. Steel is the preferred material. It is easy to clean and there are no worries about toxicity if and when your pet tries to chew on the bars.

    Its size should allow your Conure to fly without fear of damaging its wings, and be tall enough for it to move from one level to another. The minimum height should be about twice as high as their length or 24 inches. The minimum width and depth should be approximately 20 inches. However, the bigger the cage you provide the better life your avian friend will have.

    At first it might appear that the cage is an area where you can cut costs. This is so not true. These features in a cage will make for a happier pet because it has space to move naturally. This will help your bird stay physically and emotionally healthy.

    The more types of entertainment you can provide the more engaged and stimulated your sun-colored flyer will be. Toys are designed to emulate things it would attract their attention while flying about in the wild.

    Nooks or soft fuzzy objects are great for the single bird. Brightly colored hanging contraptions with bells and mirrors will pique their curiosity. Sleep tents are great to provide for cozy nights. Perches and swings will also keep them active. Objects that require them to find food inside are favorites and can keep them occupied for hours.

    There is no shortage of interesting toys. Try a few things to see what your pet responds to and take it from there. Toys should be rotated in and out of the cage frequently before boredom sets in. Remove damaged toys from the cage so they don’t cause injury.

    A HEPA Air Purifier – If your bird can’t breathe, nothing else matters. Every home has indoor pollutants like dust, dust mites, mold and mildew spores, seasonal pollen, and possibly dander from other pets. In the wild these would not be a problem. They would simply dissipate into the atmosphere or the birds would fly away.

    In captivity unless you take steps to actively and continually remove particles the additional particles and odors that your pet will generate will literally make the air thick. Birds’ air passages are incredibly small and so it does not take much to cause them to become clogged.

    A purifier that contains a high efficiency particle arresting (HEPA) filter as well as additional filters for particles and odors can potentially add years to your bird’s life… and its owners’ lives as well.

    Having your bird room contain these 3 products is the best start you can make towards responsible ownership. And your bird will love you for it.

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    Article Source: Sun Conure Bird Rooms - Top 3 Supplies To Have
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