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    How to Breed and Raise Sun Conures: A Pet Owner’s Guide to Breeding Sun Conures

    A pet owner's guide to breeding sun conures

    How to Breed and Raise Sun Conures: A Pet Owner’s Guide to Breeding Sun Conures, written by Stuff4Petz author, Jenny Griffin, and published by Ecologix Media, is now available as a Kindle ebook. The book is a compilation of several articles from the stuff4petz website, plus additional information on hand rearing, wing trimming, how to make a brooder, and more. If you are interested in breeding sun conures, you will find all the information you need packed into this informative guide.

    Learn All About Breeding Sun Conures

    This practical guide provides an overview of basic sun conure care, as well as advice to pet owners who plan on breeding sun conures. This pet owner’s guide is packed with useful tips, including advice on pair selection, how to determine the sex of your conures, how to choose a suitable breeding cage for your sun conures, and optimal size of a sun conure nest box. It also looks at different options for raising sun conure chicks, and additional equipment you may require for this task.

    Learn How to Make a Home-made Brooder

    Save hundreds of $$$ by following the simple step-by-step instructions that show you how to make a cheap home-made brooder should you wish to hand raise your chicks.

    Guide to Hand Rearing Parrots

    Learn how to hand feed sun conure chicks with this step-by-step feeding guide.Find out what equipment and utensils are needed to hand rear your chicks; learn how to prepare and administer the hand rearing formula, as well as how to avoid common problems that can cause sour crop.

    Parrot Wing Trimming Made Simple

    The guide offers practical advice on when and how to clip parrot wings to ensure the safety of your sun conures as they mature.

    Quick Easy Read, Suitable for All Ages

    Packed with tons of useful information on breeding sun conures, this book is written in simple language that is easy to understand. It is primarily geared towards the pet sun conure owner rather than a commercial breeder and is suitable for all members of the family, young and old, who are interested in breeding sun conure parrots as a lucrative hobby. It is an easy read that covers the basic requirements needed to successfully breed and raise happy, healthy pet sun conures from hatchling to fledgling, right through to the weaning stage.

    Quick Easy Reference

    Download How to Breed and Raise Sun Conures: A Pet Owner’s Guide to Breeding Sun Conures to have all the information you need readily at hand in one convenient place for quick, easy reference.

    Can Be Read on all Devices

    The Kindle ebook is available as a free promotion on Amazon until the weekend – take the opportunity to download your copy now!

    If you don’t have a Kindle, do not fear — you can read Kindle ebooks on many other devices, including on your laptop or computer, and on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets by simply downloading the free Kindle reading app from the Amazon website.

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    How to Breed and Raise Sun Conures: A Pet Owner's Guide to Breeding Sun Conures (Pet Owner's Guides Book 1)

    Cover Image: By Wayne Deeker - Picasa Web Albums; Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

  • How to Breed Conures: Breeding Sun Conures

    Sun conures are prolific breeders that are easily bred in captivity. Although they will breed in a smaller cage, a medium size flight is recommended for optimal breeding performance. By providing the pair with the correct housing and diet, you will ensure the success of the breeding attempt.

  • Facts and Information about the Sun Conure

    Need some information about the sun conure? There are many different types of conures, and they all make wonderful pets. One of the most striking is the sun conure – it is not only one of the most beautiful birds available, but it is also highly intelligent, extremely social and affectionate. These birds are thus very popular as pets. This overview provides in-depth information about the sun conure, and its suitability as a pet bird.