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  • Pet Photography Tips: How to Take Stunning Photos of Your Pet

    Pet Photography 101

    Whether you want to add Pet Photography to your business or just capture a treasured photo of your own family pet, there are a few things you need to know before you just show up with your camera expecting award winning portraits. Here are a five tips that will help you get the photos you’re looking for. Tip #1 – Patience First and foremost we must realize that stunning photos of pets involve a lot of patience.

  • Pet Hair Removal: How to Remove the FUR from FURniture

    Pet Hair Removal

    Dogs and cats shed dead hair – some breeds shed more than others. Pet hair can accumulate on carpets and furniture, which can put a damper on an otherwise good relationship. Follow the pet hair removal tips in the article below to take the fur out of FURniture ;D

  • Finding the Right Pet at a Pet Shop

    Are you looking to get yourself a pet but are unsure as to how to find the right pet? Finding the ‘right’ pet is never easy. It is a daunting prospect for many, especially if you’ve never had a pet before. There are a lot of things you would need to know regarding taking care of a pet in general and how to take care of the type of pet you choose in particular. You do not have to worry however, as once you understand how to go about looking after a pet, things would all fall into place. As with any new step in life, this too is a learning process and one that takes practice and time before you can become the ‘ideal’ pet owner.