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  • Healthy Hoof: Understanding Equine Hoof Care

    Understanding Equine Hoof Care is essential for a healthy hoof

    The age old saying, ‘no hoof, no horse’ still holds true today. The number one cause of lameness in horses stems from hoof problems. Proper hoof care is essential to keep your horses hooves healthy and to prevent lameness and disease.

  • How to Trim a Difficult Horse

    Credit: lostinfog, via Flickr

    Of all the things that make being a farrier a difficult job, dealing with horses that would prefer you not do your job on them is probably the hardest. Difficult horses mean longer hours, shorter tempers and stiffer muscles the next day. In the worst situations, they mean real danger for both farrier and owner. Here is a roadmap for making the trimming and shoeing experience a positive one, even for the most difficult of horses.

  • The Fire Horse

    The Fire Horse

    The Fire Horse tells the heartwarming story of a bond formed between a man and a horse that nobody wanted, and how they have risen above adversity to become 2012 Olympians and living legends in their own right.

  • Portable Horse Fencing: How to Install a Temporary Electric Horse Fence

    Portable horse fencing

    Portable horse fencing needs to be cheap and convenient to set up in order for it to be a viable temporary solution for containing horses. Electric horse fencing meets both these requirements. This simple guide will show you how to go about installing electric portable horse fencing that can be quickly erected and dismantled with little effort at all.