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  • Dog Training Tips

    Clicker training is a popular method of dog training

    A well trained dog is a pleasure to have around. Training sessions not only improve the behavior of your pet, but also build a stronger bond between a dog and his master. However, simply showing your dog how to behave one time only is ineffective — training takes time and patience. The following dog training tips will ensure success in your dog training endeavors.

  • Dogs Eyes: Indications of Eye Illness in Your Dog

    Dogs, just like humans, are susceptible to a variety of eye diseases that range in severity from minor conjunctivitis to ocular growths. Understanding the difference between an ordinary and an ill canine eye is critical so that you can recognize problems with your dogs eyes before they get even more harsh, and get the appropriate treatment when needed.

  • Horse Foaling Tips

    Foaling preparations will ensure a healthy foal

    There are very few things that may compare to the excitement of having a new foal in the stable. We all like to watch them run around their mares, try out their wobbly legs or merely watch them take a nap in the sunlight. Yet, having a healthy foal takes more than breeding and waiting ELEVEN months. Babies need a large amount of preparation well ahead of their arrival.

  • Pet-friendly Cleaning Products

    Many household cleaning products contain chemicals that are toxic to pets. Yet pet-friendly cleaning products are readily available and are easy to make from common household substances.

  • 10 Tips for Successfully Camping with your Dog

    If like me you enjoy heading for the hills to get away from the rat-race, but just hate the thought of leaving your beloved dog behind, why not take your dog with you. These camping tips will ensure that everything goes smoothly so that both you and your pooch enjoy the experience.