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    Outdoor Rabbit Hutches: A Review of some Top Commercial Rabbit Hutches

    .Trixie Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

    Outdoor rabbit hutches need to provide your rabbit with protection from predators, as well as from hot and cold bouts of weather. This review of outdoor rabbit hutches provides tips on what to look for when choosing a rabbit hutch for you pet.

    Trixie Two-Story Rabbit Hutch with Enclosure

    If you a looking for an all weather outdoor rabbit hutch, the two-story rabbit hutch with enclosure by Trixie offers great value in outdoor comfort for your pet rabbit. Constructed of glazed pine, this chalet-style outdoor rabbit hutch offers the warmth of wood in the cozy upper story living quarters, with a ramp leading down to outdoor running space directly onto the ground below. The ground floor enclosure can be extended with natura outdoor runs in this product range. Depending on the size you choose, there are multiple doors on both the top and bottom levels to access your pet, and the roof opens up on both sides to easily access the top level of the hutch. The top level, which is divided into a living area and a secluded nest box/sleeping area, is fitted with a plastic pull-out tray to facilitate easy cleaning. This outdoor rabbit hutch can be moved around freely, allowing it to be easily moved to fresh pastures to facilitate rotational grazing.


    • offers a cozy indoor area as well as access to grass
    • easy to clean
    • easy access
    • sturdy weatherproof construction
    • good value
    • extendable with natural outdoor pens


    • external enclosure has a small footprint and offers limited space, but this can be expanded using outdoor pens in this range

    Trixie outdoor rabbit hutches are available from in a variety of sizes – but as far as rabbit accommodation goes, bigger is always better, so buy the biggest cage you can afford.

    Ware Premium+ Rabbit Hutch Plus Run

    The Ware Premium+ range of outdoor rabbit hutches offers an expandable rabbit hutch, plus add-on run combination, offering both you and your pet flexibility. This is great for those owners who are working on a tight budget, but still want to be able to provide their pet with the best rabbit hutch they can afford. This combination allows the owner with a limited budget to purchase an outdoor rabbit hutch that can be extended with an add-on run when finances allow.

    This wooden rabbit hutch is constructed of high quality tongue in groove fir fitted with heavy-duty wire mesh panels. The roof has an asphalt-shingle waterproof finish, while the lumber is coated with a non-toxic waterproof stain. The front access door of the hutch doubles as a wooden ramp to allow your bunny to free-range in your garden, or to access its own self-contained run if this option is added. The wooden hutch/pen features a living area with wire mesh floor and front panel, and an enclosed sleeping area with a wooden floor to keep your rabbit protected from rain, snow, wind and sun. To facilitate cleaning, the living area is fitted with a pull-out plastic litter tray, and the roof of the hutch is hinged to allow easy access.

    You can easily expand your pets living quarters to create a spacious sanctuary with the addition of a tailor made add-on rabbit run. Constructed of rust-resistant, powder-coated wire mesh and solid treated lumber, the run provides additional space, containing your rabbit in its own playpen in front of the hutch. This additional space is a great feature if you own more than one rabbit. The walk-in run is fitted with top, front and side access doors to facilitate easily feeding and accessing your pet/s.

    If you want to provide your rabbit with extra protection against extreme weather conditions, an optional canvas and plastic hutch cover can be added to protect your pet against dampness and drafts. This tailor made cover offers a roll-up door cover and full size top opening, allowing for full access to the hutch. It comes in a handy storage bag so it can be safely packed away in good weather.


    • easy to clean
    • sturdy weatherproof construction
    • optional walk-in run can be fitted for additional space, providing a large outdoor play/sunning area
    • ramp offers access to garden to free-range and access back to the cage for shelter/security
    • tailor made cover available for inclement weather conditions


    • there really is not much to fault this outdoor rabbit hutch/run combination, except that it may be a bit pricey – if a rabbit owner does not plan on adding a run, then the Trixie 2-story outdoor rabbit hutch with enclosure, reviewed above, offers better value.

    Ware premium+ outdoor rabbit hutches and accessories are available from in two sizes:

    Medium Hutch (24” deep x 36” wide x 34.5” high)

    Medium Run (33” deep x 40” long x 32.5” high)

    Medium Hutch Cover also available

    Large Hutch (24” deep x 46.5” wide x 34.5” high)

    Large Run (43” deep x 40” long x 32.5 high)

    Large Hutch Cover also available

    Choice of Rabbit Accommodation

    When choosing the best type of rabbit cage for your pet, whether you are looking at outdoor rabbit hutches, or indoor cages or pens, look for something that is practical for your lifestyle, and bear the following points in mind:

    • choose the largest accommodation you can afford: this not only provides your rabbit with more space to move about, but allows for your bunny family to grow, and provides space for a litter box to be placed inside the living quarters, which is more hygienic and makes for easy cleaning in the long run
    • if your rabbit is to be housed outdoors, choose a cage that provides suitable protection against the elements
    • the accommodation you choose should house your rabbit securely, preventing escape, and keep your pet safe from predators
    • the rabbit housing should be easy to clean
    • you should be able to access your pet with ease
    • if opting for housing with a wire mesh floor, provide straw bedding on top as the wire is not comfortable for your rabbit and can injure your pet’s feet
    • pay more for something that is well constructed, rather than purchase a cheap, flimsy cage – buying cheap is false economy as it will inevitably break sooner rather than later, and may put the safety of your pet at risk