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    Best Type of Commercial Rabbit Cages for Indoor Use

    Commercial rabbit cages are more suitable for use as indoor rabbit cages rather than outdoor rabbit hutches. There are a few things that need to be considered when choosing a rabbit cage for indoor use. This review of some of the top commercial rabbit cages provides an overview of what to look for when purchasing indoor rabbit cages.

    Super Pets Habitat Defined For Rabbits

    Top commerical rabbit cagesThe Super Pet Habitat Defined Rabbit Habitat, although a mouthful, lives up to its fancy name. These stylish, well crafted indoor rabbit cages offer two levels and come with a plastic base, with added depth to accommodate an ample layer of pet litter and avoid mess. They feature rounded corners for easy cleaning, while the plastic used in their construction is penetrated with super protect antimicrobial technology to ensure a hygienic environment for your pet. These sturdy wire indoor rabbit cages feature 1-inch bar spacing, providing security for small rabbits and guinea pigs. They feature a fully opening top door allowing easy access to your pet, as well as a front door – both are fitted with a spring loaded locking mechanism to keep you pet safe and secure at all times. These spacious rabbit cages include a second level shelf, accessed by a wavy ramp for better traction; a locking food dish; and they come with a tubular metal stand fitted with locking casters to allow you to easily move the cage around the house. The cage is quick to assemble, and is an aesthetically pleasing indoor rabbit cage that will provide a nice feature to any room.

    Measuring 41.25” wide x 18” deep x 18,75” high (31.5” with stand) it is perfectly sized for rabbits.


    • easy to clean
    • stylish, aesthetically pleasing design
    • spacious indoor accommodation
    • easy access to your pet
    • casters for easily moving from room to room


    • 2-story shelf can be a bit unstable, though this is easily solved by drilling a few holes and securing it to the bars of the cage with some wire
    • top plastic lid is a bit on the flimsy side

    Marshall Small Animal Playpen

    A playpen offers a safe exercise area for your pet and can be used indoors or outdoors to safely contain your pet. A small animal playpen offers an economical, practical and spacious alternative to standard rabbit cages for housing a rabbit indoors. The Marshall Small Animal playpen comes in two sizes suitable for rabbits: small 8-panel pen or deluxe 11-panel pen. Both can be expanded by purchasing additional interlocking panels or another pen. Panels measure 18” wide x 29” high to prevent rabbits from jumping over, and are are fitted with vertical bars with a 1” spacing, making it impossible for rabbits to squeeze through. The 8-panel pen also comes in a mini-version that is 18” wide x 20” high. These pens are also suitable for other small animals such as guinea pigs and ferrets. An optional waterproof base mat can also be added for indoor use to prevent your pet from digging or messing on your carpet. When used outdoors, the mat doubles up as a protective cover, offering protection from predators and shields your bunny from the sun. The mat attaches to the wire bars with velcro to hold it firmly in place. The playpen is quick to assemble and folds down for easy storage. It is fully portable, and this is made even easier with an optional handy Marshall play pen tote bag.


    Small 8-panel playpen offers 9 square foot play area priced from around $48.92

    Deluxe 11-panel playpen offers 12 square foot play area priced from around $66.88

    Protective Mat/Cover

    Mat/Cover for Small 8 18”-panel pen, available in assorted colors, priced from around $11.44

    Mat/Cover for Deluxe 11 18”-panel, available in assorted colors, priced from around $21.99


    Marshall Playpen tote for portability – simply pack up and go – priced from around $21.99

    Extra panels to expand your play pen are available from around $19.99 for a set of three panels (18” W x 29” H)


    • allows your pet to exercise safely out of its cage
    • collapsible, lightweight and portable
    • expandable
    • can be used indoors and outdoors
    • accessories such as protective mat/cover readily available
    • economical


    • no fixed base to contain litter for permanent use
    • mat doesn’t attach as snugly as expected
    • mat is not totally waterproof, some leakage does occur, however it does still offer a fair amount of protection

    Choice of Indoor Rabbit Cages

    When choosing a rabbit cage or rabbit hutch to house your bunny, you need to choose a cage that will suit your lifestyle, taking the following factors into consideration:

    • buy the biggest rabbit cage that you can afford: rabbits are active, and need space to move around their cage. You also need to allow for space to proved a litter box, which will make cleaning the rabbit cage much easier.
    • rabbit cages need to be secure to prevent your pet from escaping and coming to harm
    • look for a rabbit cage that is easy to clean
    • choose a rabbit cage with lots of doors so you can easily  access the cage to remove your bunny
    • if your rabbit cage has wire flooring, cover this with straw bedding to prevent injury to your rabbits feet, and to make life more comfortable for your pet
    • buying a cheap rabbit cage is often false economy – rather pay a little extra for a good quality cage that will last longer, and is less likely to break and jeopardize the safety of your bunny.
    • Commercial rabbit cages constructed of wire are not suitable for housing your rabbit outdoors – if you want to house your rabbit outdoors, rather choose from one of the many designs of wooden outdoor rabbit hutches on the market, or build your own with the help of easy downloadable plans.