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    Key Benefits of Using an Electric Fence Kit


    Electric fencing offers a convenient and cost effective method of excluding predators and unwanted wildlife critters from your paddocks and property, and for containing your livestock, or even your pets. There are a number of basic items needed to install an electric fence; you can either shop for these individually, of for even greater convenience, you can purchase an electric fence kit that contains all the equipment necessary to enable you to quickly install an electric fence to contain your animals.

    What Does and Electric Fence Kit Consist Of?

    There are a many different types of electric fencing kits on the market. The contents of an electric fence kit will vary depending on the type of animal it is designed to contain or exclude; the fencing application – for example, strip grazing or permanent fencing; and the size of the property or paddock that you are planning to fence off. An electric fence kit will typically contain most, if not all, of the following items:

    • 71fXd1lhZmL._SL1500_Charger/Energizer (battery, electric, or solar)
    • Conductor (electric fence tape, rope, wire, or net)
    • Insulated connectors or insulated posts with built in connectors
    • Earth spike
    • End/corner tensioners
    • Gate handles
    • Pocket fence tester
    • Warning sign

    Step-by-step installation instructions

    For buyers that are new to electric fencing, an electric fence kit offers a simple alternative to shopping for all the required parts separately, only to find when you are back at the ranch, and half way through the installation, that you have forgotten to purchase a vital piece of equipment. This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are situated in a rural area, miles away from the nearest supplier – as most farmers, ranchers, and homesteaders tend to be.

    There are other benefits to purchasing an electric fence kit as apposed to buying all your electric fencing items separately. Firstly, an electric fence kit is put together by experts who have specialist knowledge of electrical fencing, and what combination of equipment works best for the many different applications. What works for sheep, will not necessarily work for horses or cattle, and if you do not have experience, it would be wiser to purchase an electric fence kit that is specially designed to contain or exclude the animals you have in mind.

    Secondly, electric fence kits usually come with step-by-step instructions on how to install and connect up the different fencing components, to ensure that everything works perfectly once you have completed the installation. It can be very frustrating for a novice to discover that once the fence is installed it doesn’t work properly – or worse, not at all! The step-by-step instructions will guide you effortlessly through the setup, and will usually offer trouble-shooting tips in the unlikely event of problems.

    Finally, purchasing an electric fence kit is usually far more cost effective than purchasing the items separately, as suppliers tend to offer a bit of a discount for ‘bulk buying’. An electric fence kit is an excellent way to get started with electrical fencing, and because they are fully extendable, you can easily add to them should you wish to extend your electric fence in the future.