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    Different Types of Electric Fence Wire for Livestock

    Types of electric fence wire

    Electric fencing not only offers a cost effective fencing alternative for containing livestock, it is also very easy to install and maintain. There are a number of different types of electric fence wire that you can use to contain your livestock, including electric tape, rope, or wire. The option that is best suited for you requirements will depend largely on the type of livestock that you are wanting to contain, and whether the fencing will be used to enclose permanent paddocks, or be used for temporary paddocks or rotational strip grazing.

    Electrified High Tensile Wire Fencing

    High tensile steel wire is suitable for permanent, boundary fencing, especially for fences that will run over large distances. Once installed, they are easy to maintain, and have a long lifespan – lasting for up to 20 years or more. High tensile wire electric fencing is more suited to slow moving animals, such as cattle, sheep, etc., and not recommended for horses, who may injure themselves if they should bolt and run into the fence.

    Electric Poly Wire Fencing

    Electric poly wire fencing is more visible than steel wire, and although not as strong, it is ideal for temporarily fencing slow moving animals. It is lightweight, and can be easily wound up onto a reel, making it a practical solution for rotational strip grazing, or to use for internal fencing to subdivide grazing paddocks. Poly wire is not recommended for fencing to contain fast moving animals such as horses.

    Electric Poly Tape Fencing

    An electric tape fence is strong, durable, and highly visible, making it ideal for containing horses. Electric poly tape comes in three thickness widths: 12mm, 20mm, and 40mm. Wider poly tape is best suited for use on boundary fences, and in areas that do not experience high winds. Narrower tape should be used to construct an electric tape fence in windy areas, as it offers less resistance to wind and is less likely to blow over or suffer damage. Narrower tape is suitable for use as an internal electric tape fence to subdivide existing paddocks, or to reinforce an existing boundary fence.

    Electric Poly Rope Fencing

    While electric poly rope is less visible than an electric tape fence, it has reinforcing stainless steel threads interwoven into the rope, which not only makes it an excellent conductor, but also gives it added strength and durability. This makes poly rope perfect for use as boundary fencing for horses, and ideal for use in windy areas.

    Choose the type of electric fencing that best meets your needs, bearing in mind that it is possible to use a combination of options. For example, for cattle, you could construct a high tensile electrified wire perimeter fence to ensure that your livestock are safely contained on your property, and then use an electric tape fence (or poly wire) as internal fencing to subdivide the paddocks. For horses, you could construct an electric tape fence using highly visible wide poly tape on the perimeter fencing (or you could use strong and durable poly rope), and subdivide the internal paddocks with narrower poly tape. Electric fencing is extremely versatile, giving you flexibility to mix and match your fencing components according to your requirements and budget.

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