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Top Brands of Electric Rope Fencing for Horses

Electric horse fencing is relatively cheap, convenient and easy to install, but the options available in the market can be quite confusing. A selection of top brands of electric rope fencing for horses are reviewed as well as some electric horse tape alternatives.

Electric Horse Fence Options

Electric horse fencing offers an affordable alternative when constructing horse fences, but if you are considering an electric horse fence, you may be undecided as to whether to use electric horse tape or electric rope fencing for horses.  Here we look at the benefits and drawbacks of each, and review a few of the top brands of electric conductors for horse fencing.

Electric Tape for Horse Fences

Electric horse tape comes in varying thicknesses from 0.5 inch to 1.5 inch (12mm to 40mm) widths. The narrower 0.5 inch tape does not have as many conductors so has less shocking power and is not as strong as the wider 1.5 inch tape, but it also does not flutter and blow about in the wind. The narrower tape is thus more suitable for use in temporary paddocks and in areas that are prone to strong winds. The wider tape is much more visible, has more conductors and hence more shocking power, is much stronger and is suitable for fencing permanent paddocks in areas that are not subjected to strong winds or heavy snow falls.

Electric Rope Fencing for Horses

Electric horse rope offers the benefits of both. It is strong and durable having upwards of 700 pounds breaking strain, can be obtained with between six or nine conductors for maximum shocking power, is highly visible to horses, and can withstand strong winds. It is therefore, suitable for both permanent and temporary electric horse fences of varying lengths. As different brands and products offer various qualities, let’s look at a few of the top electric conductors for constructing electric rope fencing for horses.

Stafix X-Braid

Stafix X-Braid polyrope is constructed from UV stabilized polyethylene for enhanced UV resistance. With a total of eight conductors: Four stainless steel conductors, plus four tin-coated copper wire conductors for extra conductivity, it is 50 times more conductive than standard polyrope, which allows one to use this product to fence off large areas while still getting current to the end of your fence line. This product comes in 1/3inch (7mm) diameter braid on a 660 foot roll. Stafix products are available from agents and dealers worldwide.

Gallagher Turbo Equibraid

Gallagher Turbo Equibraid offers unique 1/4” braided construction comprising nine strands of mixed metal conductors for enhanced conductivity. This together with being highly visible makes it Gallagher’s most equine-friendly product and suitable for any distance. It is available in green or white and comes in 656 foot or 1312 foot rolls.


ElectroBraid horse rope fencing is designed to serve as a strong permanent physical and psychological barrier to a horse. The rope consists of a double helix of copper wires braided with polyester fibres for extra strength spiraling a polypropylene core. Unlike polytape, ElectroBraid has give and like the ropes on a boxing ring, it will bounce back to conform to its original shape under pressure so it will not unravel when subjected to high winds or the weight of a horse running into it at top speed. It is suitable for permanent perimeter horse fencing, temporary portable fencing, or in combination with other fencing materials, such as vinyl.

Electrobraid horse rope is available in three colors – white, speckled and black – all offering high visibility in varying conditions. While white braid will be more visible under normal conditions, black is more visible in the snow, and speckled will accommodate both scenarios. It is extremely weather resistant and will not rust, rot, perish or lose strength due to sunlight exposure. It comes with a 25 year warranty to back this, which makes it well worth the extra expense needed for the initial outlay.

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