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Cool Dog Beds Offer Some Creature Comfort

Image by Stephen D via Flickr

Dog beds come in many forms and guises to maximize our pooch’s comfort. The article below provides information on the different types of dog beds, and how orthopedic, warm and cool dog beds can improve the health and well-being of your pet.

Cooling dog beds and warm dog beds are designed in distinct ways, but both were originally conceived by the desire to keep your furry friends comfortable at all times. Running through the house or yard can definitely tire out your dog or cat; where do they go to rest when they are feeling sleepy? For a lot of pets, the family couch seems to be the preferred place in the home even though this can dirty the furniture. You will be able to prevent this frustration and also offer your pet a place of their own to sleep when they are feeling tired. Being aware of the variances between warming beds, orthopedic foam dog beds, and cool dog beds can help you determine which is right for your pet.

Large dog breeds are particularly susceptible to joint problems as they age which makes it hard for dogs to stay active. Many pet owners purchase orthopedic foam dog beds for their dogs since they are specifically designed to be gentle on your dog’s joints and to help prevent stiffness. Orthopedic dog beds and orthopedic bolster beds have carefully selected foam and down cushions that are positioned in just the right way to give dogs of varying sizes a relaxing place to lie down that will not put undue stress on their muscles or joints.

Hot summer days can truly sap your dog’s energy, especially if they like to run around outside. You can offer your dog both a bed and a sort of cooling pad to relax on during summer by purchasing a cooling dog bed. Some cool dog beds can be filled with cold water, which then moves throughout the bed in order to create a cooling effect that will help your pet beat the heat. You can also find pet bed coolers that function using electricity, which are put into or beneath pet beds to keep the bed and your dog cool.

Cold winter days are hard on your dog’s joints and can make them uncomfortable, but warm dog beds can help. Much like you might snuggle up with an electric blanket when the temperature drops, heated dog beds use electric heating pads to provide a comfortable sleeping space for your pet.

If your pet is part of the family, you will certainly want them to feel comfortable at home and while resting. Modern dog beds, including cooling dog beds, warming dog beds, and orthopedic foam dog beds, are designed specifically with that goal in mind.

Featured Image by Stephen D via Flickr

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