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  • Natural Remedies to Stop Feather Pulling in Parrots

    Feather pulling in parrots

    Are you pulling your hair out due to your pet parrot’s feather pulling habits? There are many causes and cures for feather plucking in pet birds, and while a natural treatment for feather pulling is recommended, in order to fully resolve this behavioral problem it is essential to treat the cause.

  • Top Bird Carriers and Travel Cages for Birds

    Pac-o-bird backpack bird carriers

    Bird carriers and travel bird cages are essential for safely transporting your pets, whether they are accompanying you on holiday, visiting the bird clinic, or need to be evacuated in the event of an emergency. Learn how to choose the best bird carrier to safely transport your pet.

  • 10 Types of Conures Popular as Pets

    There are many different types of conures

    Conures are intelligent, playful and comical birds that make wonderful pets. There are many different types of conures available, and deciding which type of conure is best for your situation can be confusing. This overview provides information on ten popular conure species to help you choose.

  • A Review of Top Parrot Cages for Pet Conures

    Parrot cages need to be big enough to accommodate toys

    Parrot cages come in an extremely large variety of designs and specifications, and vary immensely in both price and quality. Consequently, choosing a parrot cage that is suitable for your pet can prove to be quite tricky. I have provided information on a few of my favorite parrot cages and conure bird cages suitable for pet parrots and parakeets.

  • Conure Bird Cages: How to Choose a Cage for your Pet Conure

    Conure Bird Cages

    There are hundreds of conure bird cages to choose from, which can cause a great deal of confusion for the average pet conure owner. While many different types of conures are kept as pets, their basic housing requirements are the same. So, what do you look for when selecting a cage from the huge variety of commercial conure bird cages available?