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  • Raising Alpacas 101

    Raising alpacas

    Are you interested in raising alpacas for profit, or just keeping a couple as pets? Learn more about these fascinating animals and why they are rapidly gaining in popularity.

  • An Introduction to Natural Horsemanship Training

    Natural horsemanship training liberty

    Natural Horsemanship Training involves schooling a horse using horse psychology rather than brute strength, and is often referred to as Horse Whispering due to the passive methods of communication used to accomplish the required goals. Learn more about the art of natural horsemanship, and why it is gaining in popularity in the horse world.

  • Natural Cat Litter: Organic Kitty Litter Options

    Litter box filled with organic kitty litter

    There are more than 88 million pet cats in the USA alone, producing in excess of two million tons of cat litter that is dumped in landfills across the country annually. Natural cat litter can reduce the impact of our feline friends on the environment, if basic heath issues are heeded. Check out these organic kitty litter options…

  • How to Cure Dog Hot Spots

    How to cure dog hot spots

    Does your dog scratch all the time? Does your dog suffer from painful skin irritations? Do you want to learn how to cure dog hot spots? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on…