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    Scared Silly: How to Treat Noise Phobia in Dogs

    Noise phobia in dogs


    With the 4th of July celebrations behind us, dogs that suffer from noise phobias can now relax for a while – well until the next celebration, such as Guy Fawkes or New Year, when fireworks will again light up our skies. If you own a dog that is terrified of loud noises, this article offers advice on how to cure noise phobia in dogs.

    By Alex Kelly

    Lots of dog owners have to deal with the frantic woes of a stressed pooch that becomes completely possessed during a thunder storm or other loud noise disturbance. Noise phobia is a common problem in dogs, and although it is not harmful in itself, it causes the dog much stress and anxiety, and can lead to dangerous, life-threatening situations should the dog run away in its efforts to escape the noise.

    Many a dog has been lost like this, some with fatal consequences. I myself have owned no less than five dogs that I have personally plucked from a busy roadside on various occasions, and was unable to reunite with their original owners. Four out of those five dogs suffered from noise phobia, and when the thunder rolled I had to dive for the doggie calmettes (two have sadly passed on after spending a long and happy life as my little orphans).

    The problem with administering calming drugs and potions is that it doesn’t cure the problem, and if you are not at hand to administer the medication, your dog will still be traumatized by loud noises. Furthermore, if you are not there to pacify your pooch or offer any comfort it may take fright and run off.

    However, help is at hand in the form of the Clix Noises & Sounds Therapy CD For Dogs. This fireworks and noises desensitization training CD is an ingenious solution to solving noise phobia in dogs – in fact, it may even work to desensitize other animals, such as horses.

    The Clix Noises & Sounds Therapy CD is especially useful for desensitizing puppies to a variety of noises and sounds to prevent noise phobia developing at a later stage.

    For dogs that already suffer from noise phobia, the situation can be rectified by introducing them to the sounds on the CD at low volume, and then gradually increasing the volume level to desensitize your pooch to become accustomed to the surrounding din.

    The CD contains a total of 30 different sound tracks covering most common noises that your dog is likely to experience, split up into 4 different noise categories. The following sound categories are covered: Bangs, which includes fireworks, gun shots, and thunder storms; transport, which includes sounds of trains, aeroplanes, buses, and road work activities; general household noise, including the sound of a lawnmower and vacuum cleaner; and people noises, such as children screaming and shouting, noisy crowds, and crying babies. The Clix Noises & Sounds Therapy CD for Dogs comes with a training manual that offers guidance on the most effective use of the noise CD to desensitize your dog to all sorts of loud sounds and bangs.

    This is a must have for anyone that owns a dog that is terrified of loud noises, and is highly recommended for every dog owner to prepare their pet for the sound of fireworks well ahead of Guy Fawkes night, which will be upon us shortly on the 5th of November. Taking the time and effort to prepare your pet for scary events such as fireworks, thunder and other loud bangs, may prevent your dog from running off in a terrified frenzy, and may even save your pet’s life.

    Article Source:, by Alex_Kelly

    Take an online therapy program designed to help your pet overcome their fears of loud sounds, such as fireworks, thunder storms, hovers, city traffic…

    Noise phobia: fireworks are scary for your pets

    Image Credits: Featured Image by Beverly & Pack, via Flickr; 
    Fireworks are Scary for your Pets by Rikki's Refuge, via Flickr
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