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Pet Hair Removal: How to Remove the FUR from FURniture

Dogs and cats shed dead hair – some breeds shed more than others. Pet hair can accumulate on carpets and furniture, which can put a damper on an otherwise good relationship. Follow the pet hair removal tips in the article below to take the fur out of FURniture ;D

Three Inexpensive Pet Hair Removal Tactics

By D. Roth

Pet hair removal can be a chore, especially if you have more than one furry little friend who has free reign over your domain. Many pet owners fight the battle against pet hair on a regular basis through thorough cleaning of their carpets, furniture upholstery, rugs, and other pet-friendly spots.

Although becomes difficult to maintain a completely pet-hair free zone on a daily basis. If you find yourself short on funds, but desperate for inexpensive ideas for removing those pesky hairs, then try these three pet hair removal tactics:

Duct Tape

Duct tape is known for being the king of all tapes and nearly every household has a roll of this type of tape. The secret to the magic of duct tape is its extreme stickiness. The adhesive side of duct tape is known to be strong enough to fix broken furniture temporarily, repair tears in upholstery until it can be mended, and much more. Now you can put your duct tape to use in help with pet hair removal.

While many pet owners use a lint roller, a roll with sticky adhesive on the outside used for clothing, it sometimes is just not sticky enough. Sometimes several sheets of lint roller adhesive sheets are need to remove hair from the smallest areas. Duct tape becomes a clear alternative that in the long run might be cheaper than purchasing lint rollers and lint roller refills.

Simply wrap the duct tape around your palm, with its extreme sticky side exposed, and pat along the areas that require pet hair removal. If you want to cover a larger areas, then consider cutting longer strips of duct tape on sticking the tape directly onto the surface of the area where the hair is to be removed, firmly press onto the tape, and rip off!

Liquid Fabric Softener & Water Solution

If you have liquid fabric softener, water, and a spray bottle, then you are halfway to eliminating hairs from your home! Mix a solution of fabric softener diluted with water and place into a clean spray bottle. Make sure that you label the spray bottle so that when you are organizing your cleaning supplies, you will know what type of solution is in the bottle.

With the solution in hand, lightly mist areas where there is a lot of pet hair, do not drench the area, a light mist that will only take a couple of minutes to dry is sufficient. The mixture of liquid fabric softener and water is almost like a magic solution that loosen hair in carpet and upholstery. Now wait a few minutes, make sure that they area is dry, and vacuum over the area. The solution will likely have loosened up plenty of hair to really make it easier to vacuum.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves, either kitchen gloves or gardening gloves, can work against the battle of pet hair removal. Put on a clean rubber glove, perhaps you may label to glove for pet hair removal for the future, and rub around the area where there is excessive pet hairs. The static from the rubber gloves with work to clump the loose pet hair together, creating little pet hair balls that you can pick up and throw away.

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Reduce Shedding

The FURminator range of deshedding tools offer a fantastic solution to reduce shedding in dogs, cats, and even horses. By removing loose dead hair from your pet’s coat, you will substantially reduce the need for pet hair removal from your carpets and FURniture 😀


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