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A Review of Top Parrot Cages for Pet Conures

Parrot cages come in an extremely large variety of designs and specifications, and vary immensely in both price and quality. Consequently, choosing a parrot cage that is suitable for your pet can prove to be quite tricky. I have provided information on a few of my favorite parrot cages and conure bird cages suitable for pet parrots and parakeets.

Flight Cages Suitable as Parrot Cages

The HQ Aviary Flight Bird Cage is manufactured from wrought iron, finished with a hard-wearing, baked on powder coating that is non-toxic and completely safe for your pet conure. It comes standard with wooden perches, two extra-long plastic feeding cups, and a removable grate and plastic bottom tray to facilitate cleaning the cage with ease. It has two front doors fitted with steel locking mechanisms, and also offers two breeder box doors for easily adding nest boxes for sleeping or breeding purposes. The flight cage includes a stand, which has a shelf for storing food and accessories, and is equipped with wheels for mobility. It comes in a choice of six colors: pure white, charcoal, light grey, champagne, diamond blue and hunter green. The ½ inch bar spacing (with 1/13 inch bar thickness) makes it especially suitable for smaller conures. The HQ Flight Bird Cage is also available in double size, which is great if extra room is required. It comes with a removable center partition for extra versatility, and will be especially favored as a parrot cage by owners of more than one conure.

HQ Aviary Flight Bird Cage: interior dimensions (LxWxH): 31 x 21 x 35 inch, with ½ inch bar spacing.

HQ Double Flight Bird Cage: interior dimensions: 64 x 21 x 35 inch, with ½ inch bar spacing.

Lift-off Playtop Parrot Cages

Avian Adventures offers a simple collapsible bird cage for your parrot or conure that, with no nuts and bolts, requires no tools, and is quick and easy to assemble and dissemble making transportation and storage effortless.

The Lift-off Playtop Parrot Cages are finished with a durable non-toxic powder coating that come in a choice of five colors (platinum, pearl white, ruby, emerald green, sapphire blue) with a 6 month warranty on the finish.

Avian Adventures play-top parrot cages comes fitted with two natural wood perches, and two stainless-steel feed bowls that are easily accessible through solid swing doors, so you don’t need to reach into the cage – very handy if you have a territorial parrot or conure! Cage doors are fitted with a bird proof locking mechanism. They also come with an optional slide out grate that can be safely removed to allow your parrot or conure to reach the floor to retrieve dropped food and tidbits without any risk of your bird escaping. These parrot cages are fitted with a specially designed surround skirt to prevent messing, and come complete with a cage stand fitted with a shelf to store food and treats, and a set of castors to easily move the cage around.

The lift-off playtop; equipped with a mangrove perch, two food cup holders plus ladders and a toy hook for you to attach a toy of your choice, is easily removed from the cage and can be positioned wherever you would like to place your bird. It is also interchangeable with the Avian Adventures dome-tops for extra versatility.

Depending on your color choice, all of these parrot cages come with either gold or silver accents on the latches, castors, playtop accessories, and newly introduced name plates, offering a unique touch of class.

The 1/2 inch bar spacing with 1/8 inch bar gauge makes the Nina playtop parrot cages ideally suited for small sized parakeets/conures, while the Chiquita playtop parrot cages, with their larger size, 3/4 inch bar spacing and 3/16 inch bar gauge are more suitable for medium parrots and conures, and the even larger Mediana playtop cage with its 7/8 inch bar spacing and 3/16 inch bar gauge is suitable for large conures.

The Avian Adventures lift-off playtops are interchangeable with their dome-tops, which can be purchased as an add-on — this makes these parrot cages an extremely versatile option when it comes to choices of parrot cages for conures. Quality and versatility make these parrot cages highly recommendable.

Avian Adventures Nina Lift-off Playtop Parrot Cages: internal dimensions 20 x 18 x 25 inch, with 1/2 inch bar spacing.

Avian Adventures Chiquita Lift-off Playtop Parrot Cages: internal dimensions 28 x 22 x 29 inch, with 3/4 inch bar spacing.

Avian Adventures Mediana Lift-off Playtop Parrot Cages: internal dimensions 34 x 24 x 33 inch, with 7/8 inch bar spacing.

Optional accessories include:

  • Dometop conversion kit available for all the above parrot cages at select pet stores
  • Cage covers are available in various sizes to fit the above parrot cages at select pet stores

Dometop Parrot Cages

The Avian Adventures Dometop parrot cages have exactly the same specifications and quality as their lift-off playtop parrot cages. The top dome section can be removed and replaced with a lift-off playtop that can be purchased separately as an accessory. Dometop parrot cages offer increased head-room inside the cage, and are great if your bird is going to spend a lot of time inside his cage.

Avian Adventures Nina Lift-off Dometop Parrot Cages: internal dimensions 20 x 18 x 30 inch, with 1/2 inch bar spacing

Avian Adventures Chiquita Dometop Parrot Cages: internal dimensions 28 x 22 x 34 inch, with 3/4 inch bar spacing

Avian Adventures Mediana Dometop Parrot Cages: internal dimensions 34 x 24 x 40 inch, with 7/8 inch bar spacing

Optional Accessories include:

  • the Lift-off Playtop conversion kit: Nina play gym, Chiquita play gym, and Mediana play gym for the Nina, Chiquita, and Mediana dometop cages respectively (available from select pet stores)
  • Cage covers for dometop parrot cages are available in various sizes as select pet stores

A&E Playtop Parrot Cages

The A&E range of playtop parrot cages are powder coated with a tough non-toxic 100% safe protective coating that comes in a choice of six colors: off white, black/charcoal, light grey, sandstone, diamond blue, and hunter green. These cages come with doors for each food bowl, plus a breeder box door to easily place a nest or sleeping box on the outside of your conures cage that he can access from the inside. All doors have safety tabs to prevent your parrot from escaping. The cages come with two stainless steel food bowls, and a wooden interior perch, while the play top is also fitted with a perch and food bowls. These parrot cages have a removable grate and bottom tray to allow for easy cleaning, and are also fitted with a removable seed guard to reduce messing. A stand on wheels is included for easily positioning wherever you choose. These parrot cages are well constructed, featuring a strong welded bar design, and come with a 6 month warranty from the manufacturer. Available in the following sizes suitable for conures (these parrot cages are also available in sizes suitable for larger parrots):

Medium Playtop Cage: interior size dimensions: 24 x 22 x 29 inch, with 5/8 inch bar spacing

Large Playtop Cage: interior size dimensions: 32 x 23 x 30 inch, with 5/8 inch bar spacing

A&E cages also manufacture a dometop version of these parrot cages. Both the playtop and dometop parrot cages are available from in various sizes.

Covers for Parrot Cages

A&E manufacture a range of universal fit bird cage covers to keep your parrot, or conure, warm and cozy at night. A&E parrot cage covers provide easy access to door openings, as well as food and water bowls, and the velcro fasteners easily adjust to fit standard parrot cage dimensions.

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