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How to Groom a Horse: Basic Horse Grooming Kit

To have a clean horse, there are some essential items you will need to keep it in tip-top shape. Here are the basic items you will need in your horse grooming kit, as well as some grooming tips for horses and ponies.

The horse grooming brushes you may need when you are grooming horses are the dandy brush, body brush and water brush. There are two types of combs you can use when you are grooming ponies and horses: the curry comb and the mane and tail comb. You will also need two sponges and some other accessories in your horse grooming kit. Learn more about each of these horse grooming tools and how they are used to groom a horse below.

Hoof Pick – this is essential part of grooming your horse to make sure there are no bits of rock, stones or other objects caught in your horse or pony’s hooves.

Dandy Brush – a heavy duty brush to get all that mud off your horse or pony’s muddy coat. This horse brush is great in the winter, but be careful if you brush a horse with this one and they are a bit ticklish!

Body Brush – a softer brush to take off all the dust and scurf from your horse or pony’s coat. You can also use the body brush to gently brush their mane and tail. The best way to brush a horse, is in the direction of the way the hair is laying.

Rubber Curry Comb – you can use this on your horse or pony to help get that long haired coat off them in Spring time. When you are cleaning a pony or horse, use it in a circular motion

Metal Curry Comb – be careful not to use this one directly on you pony or horse. It is for cleaning the body brush only! Just rub the two across each other and watch out that you don’t end up with all the removed dirt all over you!

Metal Mane and Tail Comb – be careful when using the mane and tail comb that you don’t pull out or break too many of your horse or pony’s hairs. They take a long time to grow you know. Use your fingers first to gently separate bits of the mane and tail and then use the comb sparingly. Use the body brush the most on manes and tails.

Water Brush – another heavy duty brush that you can use to damp down your horse or pony’s mane and tail when you have finished brushing them with the body brush, so that the mane lies flat and the top of the tail stays in place. Don’t use your water brush as your dandy brush or it will all get mighty muddy!

Sponges x2 – use one to gently wash the eyes of your horse or pony and their muzzle. Use the other sponge for the other end – the dock (under their tail). It can be useful to have two sponges of different colors or different shapes so that you know which one goes where!

Bot Knife – this can be useful to remove bot eggs from your horse or pony’s legs. It is not easy to get them off any other way.

Hoof Oil and Brush – you can put on some hoof oil to nourish your horse or ponies hooves. Some people like it, some people don’t.

A plastic bucket or a container with a lid is also a good idea to include in grooming kits for horses. In fact, to ensure that your horse grooming kit stays clean and organized, it is a better idea if you store it inside the bucket or container.

Featured Image: By BLW (Own work) CC-BY-SA-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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