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Below is a Selection of Online Pet Care Courses for Pet Owners:

Pet Health

Pet Care Courses: First Aid for Pets

First Aid for Pets Be prepared for pet emergencies: build a first aid kit + learn what actions to take for a range of traumas and diseases.

Pet Care Courses: Natural Remedies for Pets

Cure & Prevent Dog Illnesses Using Natural Remedies Learn how to treat your dog’s illnesses naturally without using antibiotics or medication & stop big veterinary bills.

Pet Care Courses: BARF Raw Food Diet

Dog Food: BARF – Raw Dog Food DietLearn how to feed your dog the way nature intended and reap the rewards of a lean, fit and healthy dog who lives longer

Pet Care Courses: Breeding the Mare

Breeding the MareA look at the reproductive anatomy and physiology of the horse, her cycle, broodmare nutrition and conceiving a foal

Pet Photography

Pet Photography Course: Photoshop Touchup

Photoshop Dog Retouching – All Tips & Tricks Covered Become an expert in Retouching your best friends image – Without prior Photoshop knowledge.

Pet Photography Course / Pet Videography Course

Learn How to Make a Film to Honour Your Pets Create a compelling film using professional techniques, but with no need for specialized film-making equipment.

Choosing a Pet

Pet Care Courses: Choosing a Dog

Getting a dog? Plan for success. Prevent impulse decisions with discussion and proper planning before you bring your new dog home.

Pet Care Courses: Cat Ownership Tips

The Happy Cat Course – Cat Adoption & Ownership TipsThe do-it-yourself guide to cat adoption & living a happy life with your cat or kitten

Puppy Training

Puppy Training Courses

An A-Z Guide To Puppy TrainingLearn dog training methods that train puppies quickly, using training techniques that get it right from the start

Puppy Training Course

Polite Puppy Dog Training ClassWant your puppy to be a model housemate? This course will teach your dog proper house manners.

Puppy Training & Dog Training Course

From Puppy To Dog Training The Complete Dog Obedience Training Course To A Fantastic Life With Your Dog

Dog Training Courses: Leash Training Your Dog

Dog Training – Leash Training Your DogLearn gentle training methods that teach your dog to walk by your side and come back when called off leash

Curing Behavioral Problems

Dog Training Course: Leash Training

Dog Training – Polite Leash Walking ClassGot a dog that pulls you off your feet? Take this course to teach your dog polite loose-leash walking

Dog Training Course: How to Train a Dog to Stop Barking

Dog Training – Stop Dog BarkingLearn gentle dog training methods that get your dog to take notice of you and to stop barking on command

Online Dog Training Course: Stop Dog Agression

Dog Training – Stop Dog AttacksLearn how to integrate dogs who are dog aggressive, learn the ‘warning’ signs and prevent dog attacks

Online Dog Training Course: Curing Noise Phobia in Dogs

Dog Training – Stop fear of Fireworks + Loud soundsHelp you dog over come its fear of loud sounds such as firework, lighting, hail stones, thunder etc.

Teach Your Dog Tricks

Online Dog Training Course: Teach Your Dog Tricks

Dog Training – Tricks Level 1Clicker train your dog to perform 8 fun tricks plus a bonus trick

Online Dog Training Courses: Trick Training for Dogs

Dog Tricks & Training – Over 25 Tricks.Train, teach and have fun with your dog! With this interactive course you will master the basics of dog training

Miscellaneous Courses

Online Pet Care Courses: Raising Backyard Chickens

Raising Chickens in Your Backyard: hen’s eggs for foodGuide to raising backyard chickens for eggs. Learn how to build a chicken coop & take care of your flock

Online Pet Care Courses: How to Build a Guinea Pig Cage

How To Build A C and C Cage For Guinea PigsGive your Piggies the gift of being able to move out of Piggy Prison and move into a Piggy Penthouse!

Pet Care Business Courses

Start Your Own Pet Care Service Business Take a Pet Care Service Business Course to Start Your Pet Care Career Today