Pet Photography Tips: How to Take Stunning Photos of Your Pet

Pet Photography 101

Whether you want to add Pet Photography to your business or just capture a treasured photo of your own family pet, there are a few things you need to know before you just show up with your camera expecting award winning portraits. Here are a five tips that will help you get the photos you’re looking for. Tip #1 – Patience First and foremost we must realize that stunning photos of pets involve a lot of patience.

Pleased to Meet You: Managing Successful Dog Introductions

Dog Introductions

Dog to dog introductions needn’t be stressful for you or your dog. The key to reducing aggression is to understand social behavior in dogs. Ensure that dog-meet-dog doesn’t become dog-eat-dog by following these simple rules of dog etiquette when conducting dog introductions.

Portable Horse Fencing: How to Install a Temporary Electric Horse Fence

Portable horse fencing

Portable horse fencing needs to be cheap and convenient to set up in order for it to be a viable temporary solution for containing horses. Electric horse fencing meets both these requirements. This simple guide will show you how to go about installing electric portable horse fencing that can be quickly erected and dismantled with little effort at all.