• Choosing the Most Appropriate Electric Fence Wire

    Electric fence wire comes in a number of different forms; knowing which one to choose can be a bit tricky for those new to electric fencing. This overview of the different conductor wires, and the benefits of each, will help you choose the most suitable type of electric fence wire for your application.

  • Uses and Benefits of a Portable Electric Fence

    Electric fencing is a popular alternative to conventional fencing for containing livestock as well as pets. It is convenient, cost effective, and offers a number of benefits. One of the major benefits of electric fencing, is its portability, which offers farmers a great deal of flexibility in managing their pastures and livestock. This can also be beneficial to home owners who use electric pet fencing to contain their pets.

  • Rabbit Hay: Why is Hay Essential for Pet Rabbits?

    Rabbit hay should be freely available for pet rabbits

    Hay is an important part of a pet rabbit’s diet and should be freely available for your pet to nibble on. But which type of hay is best for your bun? Learn more about the different types of rabbit hay and the benefits that each type offers your pet.

  • Healthy Hoof: Understanding Equine Hoof Care

    Understanding Equine Hoof Care is essential for a healthy hoof

    The age old saying, ‘no hoof, no horse’ still holds true today. The number one cause of lameness in horses stems from hoof problems. Proper hoof care is essential to keep your horses hooves healthy and to prevent lameness and disease.