• Heat Stroke in Dogs: Prevention is Better than Cure

    As things start hotting up, we need to take some time to think about the safety and welfare of our pets. Hot weather can cause sun burn, heat stress, and dehydration in pets, and can lead to heat stroke, which is often fatal. Learn more about the causes and symptoms of heat stroke in dogs.

  • Pet-friendly Cleaning Products

    Many household cleaning products contain chemicals that are toxic to pets. Yet pet-friendly cleaning products are readily available and are easy to make from common household substances.

  • Raising Goats 101: An Introduction for Beginners

    For the beginner or small-scale farmer, goats are a good choice as they are easy to raise, and fun to keep. Goats can be raised for their milk, meat, or for fiber, and also make wonderful pets. The breed you choose will depend on which market you decide is best for you.

  • 10 Tips for Successfully Camping with your Dog

    If like me you enjoy heading for the hills to get away from the rat-race, but just hate the thought of leaving your beloved dog behind, why not take your dog with you. These camping tips will ensure that everything goes smoothly so that both you and your pooch enjoy the experience.