Critter Trail Cages for Little Critters

Critter Trail cages

Critter Trail cages are colorful, funky cages, made from anti-microbial molded plastic, that come in a wide range of zooty designs. They come fitted with fun accessories, and extra items can be purchased to add to the cage at will. Lets take a look at some of the options in this range.

Rat Cage Calculator: Choosing the Best Rat Cage for a Pet Rat

Best rat cage for pet rat

Rats are fairly active creatures that love to climb and explore, and thus they ideally need a fair size cage. Tall cages, with multiple levels are perfect for rats. Use an online rat cage calculator to determine the minimum cage size needed to provide the perfect rat cat.

What is the Best Hay for Guinea Pigs?

Hay for guinea pigs ensure a heathly pet guinea pig

Hay is a vital component of a pet guinea pig’s diet – hay and water are the two essential elements for your guinea pig’s well-being. Hay is essential for healthy digestion and healthy teeth. Hay also contains many nutrients essential for overall good health. But, not all hay is created equal — different types of hay contain different amounts of fiber and key nutrients.

Best Type of Commercial Rabbit Cages for Indoor Use

Top commerical rabbit cages

Commercial rabbit cages are more suitable for use as indoor rabbit cages rather than outdoor rabbit hutches. There are a few things that need to be considered when choosing a rabbit cage for indoor use. This review of some of the top commercial rabbit cages provides an overview of what to look for when purchasing indoor rabbit cages.