Safe Bird Toys: Things to Consider When Making Homemade Bird Toys

Safe Bird Toys: how to make safe homemade bird toys

There is a huge variety of bird toys on the market to choose from, and some creative parrot owners may even want to try making their own homemade bird toys to save costs. However, not all materials are safe for birds. To ensure your pet is only given safe bird toys to play with, consider these tips.

How to Breed and Raise Sun Conures: A Pet Owner’s Guide to Breeding Sun Conures

A pet owner's guide to breeding sun conures

How to Breed and Raise Sun Conures: A Pet Owner’s Guide, written by Stuff4Petz author, Jenny Griffin, and published by Ecologix Media, is now available as a Kindle ebook. If you are interested in breeding sun conures, you will find all the information you need packed into this informative guide.

Bird Behavior: The Social Lives of Birds

Bird behavior and social habits of monk parakeets

Birds are inherently social creatures, often flying around and roosting in large flocks. This may be largely due to the protection this strategy offers — after all there is always safety in numbers. But on the other hand, social structures of birds may be much more complex than that. A new study sheds some light on the social lives of birds.

Natural Remedies to Stop Feather Pulling in Parrots

Feather pulling in parrots

Are you pulling your hair out due to your pet parrot’s feather pulling habits? There are many causes and cures for feather plucking in pet birds, and while a natural treatment for feather pulling is recommended, in order to fully resolve this behavioral problem it is essential to treat the cause.