Natural Cat Litter: Organic Kitty Litter Options

Litter box filled with organic kitty litter

There are more than 88 million pet cats in the USA alone, producing in excess of two million tons of cat litter that is dumped in landfills across the country annually. Natural cat litter can reduce the impact of our feline friends on the environment, if basic heath issues are heeded. Check out these organic kitty litter options…

Alley Cat Allies Launches Save the Birds Campaign to Focus on the Real Threat to Birds: Humans

Save the Birds

Alley Cat Allies unveils an educational campaign that focuses on the real threats to birds worldwide—humans and human-led activity, including habitat loss, pollution and climate change. PSA, infographics put facts in context to stand up for the birds — and for the cats.

Sterilize Cats to Prevent Unwanted Kittens

There is an estimated 60,000 homeless cats roaming the USA now. Many were pets that owners no longer wanted so they were dumped somewhere. Even more are second, third or, if they can live that long, fourth generation ‘wild’ or feral cats. Find out what you need to do to prevent the feral cat population exploding even further.