Bird Behavior: The Social Lives of Birds

Bird behavior and social habits of monk parakeets

Birds are inherently social creatures, often flying around and roosting in large flocks. This may be largely due to the protection this strategy offers — after all there is always safety in numbers. But on the other hand, social structures of birds may be much more complex than that. A new study sheds some light on the social lives of birds.

Who Should Take Equine First Aid Courses

Although many people have not taken the time out of their schedules to do so, equine first aid courses can be a very helpful step towards being prepared for emergencies. Being a responsible horse owner means taking the time to attend these classes, but others who spend a lot of time with horses should consider it, as well.

Dog Training Tips

Clicker training is a popular method of dog training

A well trained dog is a pleasure to have around. Training sessions not only improve the behavior of your pet, but also build a stronger bond between a dog and his master. However, simply showing your dog how to behave one time only is ineffective — training takes time and patience. The following dog training tips will ensure success in your dog training endeavors.

Dogs Eyes: Indications of Eye Illness in Your Dog

Dogs, just like humans, are susceptible to a variety of eye diseases that range in severity from minor conjunctivitis to ocular growths. Understanding the difference between an ordinary and an ill canine eye is critical so that you can recognize problems with your dogs eyes before they get even more harsh, and get the appropriate treatment when needed.

Horse Foaling Tips

Foaling preparations will ensure a healthy foal

There are very few things that may compare to the excitement of having a new foal in the stable. We all like to watch them run around their mares, try out their wobbly legs or merely watch them take a nap in the sunlight. Yet, having a healthy foal takes more than breeding and waiting ELEVEN months. Babies need a large amount of preparation well ahead of their arrival.

Pet Dental Health Month: Caring for Your Pet’s Teeth

Pet Dental Care Month

To celebrate Pet Dental Health Month we offer advice on how to care for your pooch’s teeth to prevent bad teeth, bad breath and gum disease, so that your pet is not only a pleasure to have around, but is happy and healthy too.

Alley Cat Allies Launches Save the Birds Campaign to Focus on the Real Threat to Birds: Humans

Save the Birds

Alley Cat Allies unveils an educational campaign that focuses on the real threats to birds worldwide—humans and human-led activity, including habitat loss, pollution and climate change. PSA, infographics put facts in context to stand up for the birds — and for the cats.