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Jenny Griffin

  • Rabbit Hay: Why is Hay Essential for Pet Rabbits?

    Rabbit hay should be freely available for pet rabbits

    Hay is an important part of a pet rabbit’s diet and should be freely available for your pet to nibble on. But which type of hay is best for your bun? Learn more about the different types of rabbit hay and the benefits that each type offers your pet.

  • Healthy Hoof: Understanding Equine Hoof Care

    Understanding Equine Hoof Care is essential for a healthy hoof

    The age old saying, ‘no hoof, no horse’ still holds true today. The number one cause of lameness in horses stems from hoof problems. Proper hoof care is essential to keep your horses hooves healthy and to prevent lameness and disease.

  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Trimming Dog Nails

    Guide to trimming dog nails

    If your dog’s nails are catching on the carpet it time for a trim. Trimming dog nails is a simple task that can be carried out at home with basic equipment. Just follow these simple step-by-step guidelines that explain how to trim dog nails, and your pooch will be stepping out in style soon.

  • Natural Remedies to Stop Feather Pulling in Parrots

    Feather pulling in parrots

    Are you pulling your hair out due to your pet parrot’s feather pulling habits? There are many causes and cures for feather plucking in pet birds, and while a natural treatment for feather pulling is recommended, in order to fully resolve this behavioral problem it is essential to treat the cause.